So, you might be asking: Who is this dude in the cowboy hat, and why should I read his blog?  Well…

I believe Winston Churchill put it best when he said: “If by age 15 you are not a Liberal, then you have no heart.  But if by age 20 you are not a Conservative, then you have no brain.”  This explains why President Obama sent the bust of Churchill back to the Brits shortly after being inaugurated, I suppose…  😉

Yes, I am a proud Conservative and an unapologetic Christian who reads the bible and prays every day. I am also a gun-totin’ American patriot who believes the U.S. Constitution says what it says and is not subject to interpretation. I proudly support our troops and fly the flag.  But most of all, I love my God, my family, and my country.

WARNING! This blog will NOT be politically correct.

However, I will try to make it fun to read and thought-provoking.  I will do my best to keep things…um, uncluttered. But don’t expect a new post every day.  I DO have a job, folks, and as an over-the-road flatbed driver I need to knock out about 700 miles a day.  This turns my brain into mushy oatmeal by the time I get stopped for the night!

(OK, Liberals, here’s a freebie: think about it…mushy oatmeal brain…Conservatism…  That is one big, fat pitch right down the heart of the plate for you guys, since you consider yourselves so intellectually superior.  You know, the kind of pitch President Bush threw out before Game 3 of the 2001 World Series, as opposed to the one President Obama threw out before the 2009 All Star Game? But I digress…)

Actually, this blog isn’t strictly political.  Yes, I will discuss hot political issues from a strictly Conservative viewpoint, but I will also look at each issue through the lens of Biblical wisdom.  God has a lot to say about leadership and the accountability that goes along with leading.  So, if that’s not what you’re looking for in a conservative blog, you are welcome to find something you are more comfortable with and I will not be the least bit offended.

Enjoy your time here. Check back often, or hit the “Sign Me Up!” button to the right of this post, and you will receive an email as soon as a new post is up.  I hope I make this place worth your time, and I always welcome anyone’s comments…even from those who disagree, as long as we all remain civil and avoid personal attacks and name-calling.  There’s too much of that going on now in the political arena, so let’s try to keep a decidedly civil tone here.  I would appreciate it!

May God bless all of you, and may God bless America!



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