Hollywood Actor Challenges NYC Mayor Bloomberg

09 Sep

Read this awesome letter from Jon Voight

Perhaps there ARE a few members of the Hollywood elite that haven’t sold their souls to Liberalism and rampant Political Correctness.

I applaud Mr. Voight for his brave letter. Goodness knows, any actor or actress who goes against the political grain in Hollywood risks being blackballed from practicing their art. Mr. Voight, I thank you for putting principle and truth at the forefront.

Mayor Bloomberg’s planned 9/11 event is deplorable. None of the heroes from that day are allowed to be there. Noone from the clergy will be allowed to be there. Meanwhile, the ceremony will take place just a short distance away from the proposed Islamic Mosque that this same Mayor has supported the construction of.

Here’s a letter to him, from me:

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

How dare you, Sir! You are in essence pissing on the grave of every victim and hero who died that day, by barring their surviving friends and family from the 10th Anniversary Ceremony. Meanwhile, with your vocal support of the Ground Zero Mosque, you are rolling out a red carpet for the religion responsible for the atrocities committed against innocent Americans.

I remember how I felt that awful day. I remember how I wept after the second tower fell. Did you weep that day, Mr. Mayor? If you are human at all sir, I would say you did. So how can you now FORBID the heroes who risked life and limb for their fellow Americans, and the spiritual leaders who helped so many cope afterward from being part of your ceremony?

There is only one way to describe your actions, Mr. Mayor: Anti-American.

A pissed-off American

Will I actually send this letter? Nah. Why bother? Won’t change anything. New Yorkers need to call for his resignation. It’s the least they should do on behalf of those who died 10 years ago at the hands of cowardly radicals; the same radicals it seems the Mayor wants to embrace.


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